Frequently asked questions

We try to make eating healthy as easy as possible for you. All you have to do is create an account, select your meals from our rotating menu, choose your delivery day and method, and enjoy your Chef prepared, healthy, gourmet meal in minutes.

Currently we deliver 2 days a week, Monday and Thursday mornings. This applies to our home/office deliveries as well as our drop off spot deliveries. The order deadline for a Monday delivery is Wednesday night at midnight. The order deadline for a Thursday delivery is Sunday night at midnight.

You can also have your meals delivered right to your home or office in our current delivery area for a flat delivery fee of $10.

You do not have to be home for your meals to be delivered. Our driver will leave them on your doorstep if you are not home.

Each of our drop-off spots is individually owned and operated and have nothing to do with any other ones. They are also not affiliated with eatingprimal other than they house one of our refrigerators. To check the hours of your chosen drop-off spot, just go to their website and look at their schedule. You can pick up your meals during any of their operating hours. Generally, our refrigerators are near the front door but not always. Any of the coaches can point you in the right direction. Each bag is labelled with your name and what you ordered so you know you have your meals. If you have any questions about the fridge or schedules, please give us a call, day or night.

Your meals are already cooked and ready to heat and eat. The meals come in microwave safe containers that are BPA free and microwave safe. Just vent the lid and heat for 1 1/2-2 depending on your microwave.

Your meals are good for 4 days when kept refrigerated. Printed on the label of each meal is a “use by” date.

All of our meals have a full ingredient list, both on the website and on the meal itself. Because we cook in a commissary (shared) kitchen, we cannot guarantee the absence of allergens but we do try our best to prevent cross-contamination. If you have further questions about an allergy, please contact us either by phone or email.