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We're obviously partial to our containers but bur team is also constantly looking for tools that make it easier to eat healthy. We publish a blog of tools and our review. We also have coupons, deals and giveaways in our newsletter. Subscribe so you don't miss anything !

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Do you do your own prepping? We have weekly meal plans with shopping lists done for you! Semi custom or custom options available .

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Do you have a hard time finding recipes that fit within your goals for the day? All of our recipes have macro information, for easy planning .

Meet The Founders

What is Eating Primal? It's simply eating food in the most primal form. Fresh veggies, fruit, meat. We are all about healthy eating.

I'm Matt. I spend my days working at a computer. Always have, but as a passion project, my family took a deep dive into healthy meal prepping. My wife and I wanted to eat healthy but we really had a hard time finding recipes that our entire family could enjoy. We found the Paleo lifestyle and even though we've modified a bit over the years, a few things remained the same : we don't do sugar, we don't do flour or gluten & we eat mostly veggies. I eat meat for protein, my wife stays mostly with plants. We try to get all of our carbs from our fruits & veggies. We built this community to share tips, tricks and recipes for healthy meal prepping. Thanks for your support over the years! Grab yourself one of our bento boxes and let me know what you think!

Melissa is the mathematician of the team. Therefore she loves to help people figure out their macros budgets and creates systems to make eating accessible. She helps here and on our sister-project, Healthy Meal Preppers. If you want someone to help you with your Macros, Melissa is your gal. Click her picture to schedule some time.



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Amazon Reviews

Clever Design - Multiple Uses - Love it!

I’ve only had this for a week and have already found so many uses! It’s small, compact, but fits plenty of grub/snacks. The separate compartments hold a salad, which is kept fresh from other food it it’s own compartment plus the vent keeps greens crisp. Sandwich, chips, fruit, or veg can also fit nicely. Once I put a small ice pack in the top compartment to keep my perishable meal from the bottom compartment cold for almost 8 hours!

I’ve brought it to the gym for a post workout meal. My oldest kiddo stole it for school one day and loved it. We took it to the park for our toddler’s snack. Gonna have to get one for each member of the family at this rate.

Camping trip coming up too, and think it will come in useful there!

- Aaron Snow


I was very surprised with this container. It was so lightweight and easy to throw together.

I love the 2 separate sections. Very easy to clean as well. Definitely work the purchase!

- christine

Very convenient!!

I love this creative container!!! I can fit everything that I need for eating healthy at work in one convenient place. It is so easy to use, easy to clean and easy to store, I will never need another lunch box again!

- Kindle Customer


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