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How it works
You pick your favorite meals from our rotating menu. Try something new!
We create and cook your meals with fresh, whole foods. We promise to only the best ingredients for you and your family.
We deliver meals to your doorstep or to one of our convenient partner locations for you to pick up.
On The Menu
Convenient, Restaurant-Quality Food

We’ve all heard that health transformations are made in the kitchen, but establishing healthy eating habits can be frustrating when you barely have enough time to make it to the gym. Forget the meal kits you don’t have the time or energy to cook; these ready-made meals are fresh, never frozen so you can reheat and eat right from your desk or your home kitchen.

Why Choose Eating Primal
Nutritionist Approved

Our rotated menu items are made with 100% whole foods and are free from steroids, hormones, preservatives, and sugar. We take the hard work out of eating well.

Variable Plans

Whether you order one meal or a month’s worth of meals, you’re never locked into a subscription. Make dinner easy with individual or communal portions based on your needs.


No more excuses! Our fresh meals are conveniently delivered so you and your family can eat well and get on with your lives.

Eating Well Doesn’t Have to Suck

Six years ago, Eating Primal founder Matt Atkins was 40 pounds overweight. Sluggish, disconnected, and unmotivated after years of trying every yo-yo diet imaginable, Matt decided enough was enough and signed up for a local Crossfit gym. Matt discovered that exercise was not even half the battle of living a healthy lifestyle, so when he wasn’t seeing results from his workouts, he signed up for a paleo challenge through his gym. Unlike the diets Matt had tried before, eating paleo made Matt feel fuller and…well…better. When Matt found recipes that even his children liked eating, his healthy habits were solidified. Now, six years later, Matt has discovered the fountain of youth through the same doctor-approved meals available through Eating Primal. He’s committed to helping you find the best diet for you.